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A gorgeous transformed look to your elaborately designed pool, pool repairs that complete nothing other than your swimming pool, a place you can enjoy spreading an air of happiness. Sounds amazing? Rather than avoiding your pool, dream of floating in it as Fibre Fix at Rockingham Perth, one of the pioneers in pool renovations are ready to offer you some of the wonderful solutions for transforming your pool where you can sit back and relax with your friends and family to make your life memorable.

How Fibre-Fix stands out to be the best?
Making enhancements on the existing pool, Fibre Fix will offer you with the best service as the renovation is mostly dependent on our excellent time management. Perfect work and the best solutions that’s what we offer.

Based on Fibre-Fix renovations, this will cut down your maintenance cost. Generally the damage starts with scratches, as a result of the deterioration the surfaces are treated extending the life of the pool. Through renovation, our pool repairs are done with the existing technologies offering better circulation in the pool and making it more environmentally conscious.

We also offer you different pool resurfacing options like fiber glass, concrete resurfacing, vinyl and other popular options that well fits your budget giving an elegant look and first class result. Fibre-Fix use correct materials and tools that can even repair small chips and cracks without any effort. Mastered in renovation, Fibre-Fix pool repairs perth can fix all your pool’s problems related to repairing the tiles and plastering the pool which offer a good bonding power and strength. More than ten years of expertise in this industry in Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bussleton & Bunbury, we are even ready to fix all the repairs of vinyl pools, concrete & fibre glass with our prompt application which can extend your pools life. Our expertise in this field allows us to take on any challenge in renovation hence we are even ready to undertake the repair regarding the toughest work that we to do with ease.

Fibre-Fix offers the best solutions for resurfacing concrete and fiberglass swimming pools with Fibretech coating systems, Epoxy paints, Vinyl liners, fully tiled and much more. We are proficient enough to handle the various skimmer problems like freeze damage, separation of the walls of the pools etc.

Additional Services
We can also provide services for your pumps and filters to ensure that the water is always clear and clean. Excellent service for your chlorinators ensures water is crystal clear offering a sparkling look for your pool every time. Fibre-fix, we are known for our best service and quality as we value your safety and satisfaction!!!!

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Fibre-Fix is a Western Australian
owned and operated family business with over 20 years of experience. We operate state wide and service all country areas.

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